E-Sales System
What is E-Sales?

An innovative sales system introduced by Jindal Polyfilms to make booking of customer orders more easy, efficient and transparent. Now, Jindal’s customers are assured:

  • Placement of their order directly to the company
  • Quick response regarding acceptance/rejection of an order
  • Faster delivery
How is it done ?
  • A Jindal E-Sales representative posts Bids for all product ranges with a minimum indicative price for each item, according to a given schedule.
  • Bi-weekly bids are posted twice a week and Monthly bids are posted once a month.

  • Customers place their order quantity and their competitive price for each item required. The competitive price may be higher or lower than the min reserve price.

  • After closing time of the bid, Jindal accepts/rejects orders based on :

  • a. Production capacity 
    b. Competitive price offered by Customers – Higher price offers are given priority for acceptance and dispatch

  • Orders are accepted at the same cutoff price which is the price offered by the last accepted customer

  • Customers are given notification regarding acceptance/rejection of the offer. Those whose offer cannot be accepted are encouraged to bid again in the next bid